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  • Make the world a better place

  • Help protect the environment

  • Treat their employees well

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Incorporate your B Corp

  • Form or Transition your Entity
  • Customize your Purpose Provisions
  • Choose between B Corp LLC or Benefit Corporation
  • File quickly and cost-effectively
  • Expert assistance available via phone
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Raise Capital

  • Access our Strategic Affiliate Network
  • Business Plan Review
  • Financial Model Analysis
  • Pitch Coaching
  • Investment Offering Support
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B Corp Certification

  • Impact Strategy Development
  • Impact Assessment Completion
  • Performance Gap Analysis
  • B Corp Policy Manual
  • B Corp Practice Guidelines
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Marketing Services

  • Access our Strategic Affiliate Network
  • SEO & SEM strategy
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Branding and Marketing Strategy
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Sustainable Office Management

  • Access our Strategic Affiliate Network
  • Eco-Friendly Web Hosting
  • Eco-Friendly Office Supplies
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Why use ezBcorp? The reasons are numerous, but here is what we find most important.


We are the Experts

ezBcorp was founded by Dirk Sampselle, JD, MBA, drafting author of B Lab's White Paper on Benefit Corporations, and nationally-recognized expert in business and legal strategy for B Corporations.

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Protect Your Mission

B Corporations receive broad permission to pursue the creation of public benefit, allowing ventures to stay focused on mission over the long term, rather than getting distracted by near-term profit. Use ezBcorp to protect your mission today!

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Our Values Match Your Own

We're a part of B Revolution, a certified B Corp which earned a 121 on its Impact Assessment, and earned "Best for the Community" in 2013! We believe in serving our community and the environment while delivering quality products and services to you!

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Enhance your Brand Image

Did you know customers are more likely to switch to products and companies that have been vetted through third-party certifications? Earn the certification and communicate your values to your customers today!

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Join the Movement

Using ezBcorp, you'll be able to join the movement of companies like Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Ben & Jerry's, Warby Parker, and others who have adopted the B Corporation certification and legal form.

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